Our Way of Working

Phase 1: Architecture & Roadmap Workshop

At Booleans, we always want to start with an Architecture and Roadmap (A&R) workshop before we start a new project with new clients. At your location (if possible) and together with all key stakeholders, the current situation will be described first. When the current situation and its challenges are defined, we can write down the necessary requirements. Together we will prioritize these requirements and start visualizing a high-level to-be architecture, vision and roadmap.

We will then summarize the results and write a project proposal using the workshop outcomes. This proposal will describe a first project phase where we aim to provide a solution which we can launch in three months, with clear customer benefits (short time to value). We will also provide a clear work-breakdown and cost-estimation for this phase.

Phase 2: Project Plan, Roadmap and Vision

When the project proposal is approved, we will start working on a more detailed project plan. A full project plan will describe the project’s vision, its goals and feature a detailed work breakdown structure. The team (consisting of both client and Booleans members) and their way of working (such as sprints, ceremonies and documentation) also needs to be established.

Phase 3: Project Setup

We deliver different ways of working to accommodate the clients standard practices. We do focus on unburdening our clients, working agile, and creating a team consisting of clients and Booleans members. Besides engineers, we will also deliver project management and architects.

The delivery team will do an official kick-off session at the client, in order to present themselves, and the project’s goals (in scope/out of scope). We will also highlight the impact and dependencies on other teams, and communicate the project communication channels.

Phase 4: Development

During development we emphasize the importance of knowledge transfer. To facilitate this further we offer additional (optional) training and consultancy where needed during the project.

Booleans follows best coding practices, and will make sure the project is run with Secure coding, DevOps, Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) automation, testing and having a deployment framework in mind. We always use the most recent Open Standards.

Phase 5: Delivery

Delivery in a Booleans project is always a phased approach. Short iterations will be completed and released as part of the bigger roadmap targets. Communication around deliveries will be taken care of as well so no surprises are occurring during the go-live stages within a project.

Phase 6: 24/7 Support

We offer tailor-made support packages on our services. The client and Booleans can establish the need for (cost-efficient) support based on SLAs, which includes the option of 24/7 support. Support at Booleans will be Booleans consultants only (no offshoring), who will be reachable by phone and a ticketing system. The client will always receive a monthly evaluation with details of the month’s support activities (metrics, within SLA parameters or not, description of incidents) to see how support can improve and / or be made more efficient.

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