Our Services

As organizations need to focus on their core business, they are also faced with new business expectations in this digital age:

  • Employees need flexible solutions to work from home (hybrid is the new standard)
  • Online customers want seamless access to their applications on all their devices with optimum user experience
  • Regulators demand consumer consent when using their data, higher security and guaranteed consumer privacy levels
  • Business requirements for cost-efficient and scalable cloud solutions

These challenges are about identities, access rights and being able to scale them securely. These domains are the core expertise of Booleans. Please find below our three building blocks for delivering high-quality digital security solutions.

Digital Identity

In this modern world of digitization, every company needs a proper solution to manage all their digital identities. There are more identities than you might think:

  • Employees identities
  • Customers identities
  • Organizations identities
  • Devices identities
  • Applications and services identities

All these identities have different entitlements, such as access to services and systems, and different legal regulations (e.g.: PSD2, Open Banking & GDPR) attached to them too. But how about security, and privacy? And how can you use and leverage identity and context to enable ‘Zero Trust’ in places where your organization needs it the most?

Booleans is here to help you. Our company’s sole focus is managing your identities and security posture, while always starting with the customer journey to maximize customer convenience.


Gone are the days of long software development cycles, where all requirements were gathered upfront, software was built for months or even years, and only then it was tested and released. Shipping software fast and often has become the norm. But with this new reality, new challenges started surfacing. Security is a more important quality aspect than ever, and this aspect needs to become a natural part of developing software in this fast and agile way. This practice is commonly called “DevSecOps”, or in other words, explicitly embedding Security activities in the DevOps way of working. Helping your DevOps teams to build and operate software securely requires specialized knowledge and skills.

This is what Booleans can help with. Our company employs people who not only have a strong background in security, development and operations, but are also able to help DevOps teams hands-on to increase their security posture.

Our Way of Working


Booleans consists primarily of senior experts, acquired mostly within our known network. All have at least 5 years of relevant experience in Digital Identity or DevSecOps. Before we begin any project, we are doing an “Architecture & Roadmap” workshop situated at our clients, with all important stakeholders present. Besides deep-diving into requirements, this also helps us establish a personal relationship with our clients and it also helps the project work based on a vision and strategy which benefits projects tremendously.