Our services

Our company’s sole focus is helping you to manage all your identities in the best way possible. Booleans has continued to grow in recent years and focuses entirely on IAM and is staffed with senior technical people only.
Booleans has no strategic investments, and our advice is always product-independent. while always starting with the customer journey to maximize customer convenience.

Our developers, architects and consultants at Booleans provide the following services:

  • Requirements, Architecture and Design workshops
  • Product independent advice
  • Full implementation of (C)IAM and Employee identity and access management solutions
  • Development: customisation options where / when off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet your requirements
  • Migrations from on-premise to cloud-based solutions
  • Upgrades to the latest versions of your CIAM products
  • 24 x 7 or office-hour support on IAM-solutions that are implemented by Booleans
  • IAM product trainings (how-to operate and maintain many different IAM solutions)
  • Guidance in meeting Dutch, European or other security guidelines and regulations

Booleans has written a whitepaper “How to prepare for NIS2” which you can download for free.

We take on various roles in projects such as Product Owner, Developer, Project Manager, Strategic Consultant – depending on your projects and your needs.

Booleans is currently working in many fields and industries. Do you want to know how other businesses in Finance, Telco, aviation but also government sectors are dealing with all the opportunities and challenges surrounding identities? Topics like customer consent and marketing, compliance and regulation, security, using identity opportunities such as MFA and passwordless authentication to scale your business affect all these sectors. You can therefore reach out to us via our contact form for any identity-related topic – as we love talking about our workfield and will gladly share the lessons we learned from all these sectors.