The Importance of DevSecOps

Gone are the days of long software development cycles, where all requirements were gathered upfront, software was built for months or even years, and only then it was tested and released. Shipping software fast and often has become the norm. But with this new reality, new challenges started surfacing. Security is a more important quality aspect than ever, and this aspect needs to become a natural part of developing software in this fast and agile way. This practice is commonly called “DevSecOps” – or in other words, explicitly embedding Security activities in the DevOps way of working. Helping your DevOps teams to build and operate software securely requires specialized knowledge and skills.
This is what Booleans can help with. Our company employs people who not only have a strong background in security, development and operations, but are also able to help DevOps teams hands-on to increase their security posture.

To better understand how Booleans can increase security posture throughout your organization, let us take a look at activities our company can help you with.

DevSecOps Activities

  • Security Maturity Models are used to measure the security posture of an organization or a DevOps team. They allow your organization or team to get insight on where they stand when it comes to security best practices, and provide a structured way to grow
  • Security Training is often needed to create more security awareness and improve knowledge among DevOps engineers, so that security becomes part of their mindset when developing and operating software. Training should always be as relevant as possible to your organization
  • Automated Security Testing is a way of using tools to test security aspects of software while it gets built, by examining code, application dependencies and the application’s runtime behavior
  • Vulnerability Analysis is the art of diving deep into a security vulnerability, understanding the impact of it, and finding proper ways to resolve or mitigate the vulnerability
  • Threat Modeling is a discipline that stimulates thinking about risks for a system early in the development process, to allow DevOps teams to mitigate these security risks as soon as possible

The way these activities are embedded into your organization depends quite a bit on what you do, which technology you use, and what your current way of working is. Booleans is there to help do just that, by adapting these activities to the situation at hand.

For more information about the importance of DevSecOps and what we can do for your organization, please download our brochure.


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