Forgerock Identity Cloud Migration Analysis


ForgeRock Identity Cloud is a hosted solution that combines Access Management, Identity Management and Directory Services into one offering. 

Booleans already has experience in many Identity Cloud migration projects over the past years. For that reason Booleans developed a fixed-price offering for analysing your current on-premise situation and map it to the Identity Cloud functionality. The outcome of this offering delivers a vision and a strategy to move towards the Identity Cloud solution and provides insight in where the gaps and challenges are.

We believe that this offering is valuable for all organisations using the on-premise version of ForgeRock in order to investigate the efforts needed to migrate to the cloud version.

Benefits of a Migration to Identity Cloud

    • Reduce the Operational costs
    • Guarantee availability of 99.99%
    • Increase the application performance
    • Prevent Unintended Loss of Data
    • Provide higher levels of security
    • Ensure higher levels of business continuity and disaster recovery
    • Scale up and down very easily when required
    • Get organizations in line with a cloud-first strategy
    • Combine Access Management, Identity Management and Directory Services into one offering
    • Provide 3 distinct, dedicated environments

Booleans Identity Cloud analysis offering

Booleans has an effective/unique way of approaching ForgeRock Identity Cloud migration projects and aims to document all details in an analysis document so that organisations get a clear understanding of what opportunities, dependencies and challenges are ahead when deciding to move towards Identity Cloud.

The following actions are part of the Booleans Identity Cloud Analysis offering:

    • Capturing details of existing setup (code base/configuration + customizations/architecture/integrations + application landscape interactions)
    • Analysis of existing Functionality and mapping to Identity Cloud
    • Providing detailed documentation of the above and the migration Path
    • Presentation and explanation of the findings with stakeholders at the client side
    • Define efforts and costs indications of the migration
    • Execution of the migration project when desired

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