Culemborg, The Netherlands

Logistics and distribution

C B chooses Booleans as strategic partner for digital identity

C B. (formerly known as Centraal Boekhuis) is the largest logistics service provider in the field of books in the Dutch language area. The company also distributes healthcare products. Bookshops in the Netherlands and Vlaanderen(Belgium) are supplied from the central warehouses in Culemborg. The current titles of almost all publishers are in stock. Many publishers leave the distribution of their books entirely to CB.

Identity challenges at CB

CB is known in the market as a reliable party that has been providing services to its customers for many years. Reliability and security are essential here.

CB is busy with their modernization strategy of IT systems. Movement towards cloud is an essential part of this. When filling in the components, consideration was given to a so-called “Cloud landing zone” also known as the “Cloud foundation”. This includes various shared services all adhering to the security by design principle. This has led to a central Authentication mechanism within the CB infrastructure. Booleans has been involved in both the technical implementation and accountability/translation towards the business.

This central solution naturally enables many advantages and possibilities in the future. This solution also provides a uniform customer experience within the services provided by CB. The safety aspect has also increased significantly.

Long term strategic partnership between Booleans and CB

A reliable partner in the field of IAM was required by CB to assist them with this identity strategy. From the beginning of 2021, Booleans became the strategic partner of CB for all identity related matters and supported CB with the implementation of this central CIAM solution.

During their first moments of contact both Marco Klooster and Rob Ojevaar experience a click, based on honesty and transparency. In order to support the long-term ideas of CB, Booleans and CB established a partnership in which Booleans acts as a trusted advisor.

For the benefit of the above challenges and strategies, Booleans shares knowledge on digital identity. During the product comparison it has been chosen to work with Auth0 as the central CIAM solution software platform. The implementation of Auth0 is fully automated through CI/CD integration and configuration as code methods. Booleans took a leading role in this process and handed over the knowledge to internal specialists at CB.

What CB tells about Booleans

Marco Klooster explains:

“Based on our modernization strategy, we are always looking for strategic partners who can help us with this. Booleans is a reliable party with deep identity knowledge and experience that suits us well, not only because of their identity knowledge but also because of their understanding of our core business and needs.”

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