What makes us special


~ Honesty meets Excellence ~

At Booleans, we stand for honesty and excellence. We believe that open communication and transparency are the foundations of trust. Our commitment to excellence means we always strive for the highest quality in everything we do.


With Booleans, you can count on honest and clear agreements and reliable results. Our team is dedicated to delivering outcomes that exceed expectations, ensuring your satisfaction and success. Trust Booleans to be your partner in achieving your goals with integrity and professionalism.

Transparency and honesty are a crucial part of cybersecurity: honest professionals are more likely to openly discuss vulnerabilities, customer data breaches and risks – as well as being fully transparent about the state of projects themselves. Booleans is known in the industry and by our clients for our openness and transparency, and being approachable in the way we work. Below are a few quotes from our customers to illustrate how we present ourselves.


“Our IAM-projects are handled with Booleans – because that’s how we know we’re dealing with an honest and trustworthy partner”.
Delta Fiber


“The communication between Arval and Booleans is very open and transparent. We know each other’s organization well because of the many years of cooperation and therefore we know who to contact with questions. We involve Booleans in a lot of topics related to IAM as our knowledge partner! Many new initiatives are in the pipeline, and we are happy to take on these technical challenges with Booleans again.”


“Booleans guided us on long-term vision and getting the most out of our existing products by clearly putting our interests above their own.”