Our extra’s


A personal touch

At Booleans we work with you to achieve your end-goal – and we go the extra mile to help you achieve that. We visit our customers on-site regularly to get to know the people behind the project. Our Senior consultants This is what makes our customers feel valued and truly helped.


Booleans Customer Excellence Program (CEP)

Quality is a core-value of Booleans. This is why we constantly monitor progress in terms of quality and timely delivery of each project. Our Quality and Delivery manager Onno de Kamper is a principal project manager overseeing all Booleans projects, signalling both red and green flags timely to where needed help steering projects to deliver excellence and quality.

The Customer Excellence Program is free of charge – you can always reach out to info@booleans.com and Onno will reach out to you to have a conversation how CEP can help your company managing Identity-related projects.


Customer events

We prefer direct events with our customers over presence at large conferences. The daily office can cause tunnel-vision so we like to change the setting and create a relaxing environment that helps with thinking out of the box. This is why we organise ‘customer days’, where we host exciting events (such as advanced driving courses by professional drivers) for our customers. Please see our Events-page for more information on upcoming (and past) events.