Booleans announces new partnership with Quasr

We are proud to announce that we have recently started a new partnership with the company, Quasr. This startup from Belgium has built an innovative European cloud-native Customer Identity & Privacy platform for all developers with privacy and security at heart.

About Quasr

Quasr, which is short for quasar, a supermassive black whole, was founded by Chris Adriaensen (CEO) and Kris Imbrechts (CRO/CFO) in November 2021. Both worked at ForgeRock and Auth0 in the past and noticed that the products of these companies were largely focused on the US market and needs. When Okta made Auth0 part of their brand portfolio in 2021, both thought it was time to startup their own company which can provide organizations with an innovative European focused CIAM platform. It is their goal to make security accessible to everyone, offer a system for allowing customers to determine what personal data they are willing to share with a business (consent management) and to improve the overall user experience.

Partnership built on Trust and Mutual Respect

“We know each other from work we did together in the past when Chris and I both worked for ForgeRock and after this, at Auth0”, says Kris Imbrechts (CRO/CFO) at Quasr. “We have always remained in contact over the years and when we started Quasr it was only logical for us to invite Rob and Joost from Booleans to talk about a possible partnership to assist us in the consultancy and implementation part of the business. I have always known Rob and Joost to be experts in their jobs and there is a lot of mutual respect between us. They have even helped us in improving our platform as one of the first test-users.”

Joost ten Brink, CTO of Booleans, says, “It was a no-brainer to start this collaboration. The Quasr CIAM platform is a wonderful product we can offer our customers and there is a lot of trust between us. With our diverse product portfolio from all our partners combined, we can offer our customers the best possible solution to their Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) needs.”

Advantages for our Customers

The high-quality Self-service and cloud-native CIAM solution of Quasr offers a platform which is easily accessible for everyone. There are no separate modules and no distinction in the number of users. If you need additional support (SLA), it’s possible to choose the Enterprise version. Besides an interesting price structure, the platform has a European focus, which means it has an extensive consent management module. This allows customers to determine what personal data they are willing to share with a business. Furthermore, the platform is very user-friendly.

If you are interested in more information about this partnership and the Quasr CIAM solution, please contact us.