Booleans again main sponsor of the first women’s team of Volleyball Club Utrecht (VVU)

Volleyball Club Utrecht, or in short VVU, is the largest volleyball club in the city of Utrecht (NL) and one of the largest clubs in the Netherlands. The roots of VVU go back to 1946 and in 2016 the club had almost 600 active members. VVU has senior, youth, recreational, and master teams. Since 2019 Booleans has been the main sponsor of the first women’s team of VVU.

“We started this collaboration because I played volleyball for six years in men’s second and third of VVU. I knew that this was a great club and that I wanted to support them with the steps they made towards the premier league. I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished these past seasons”, says Rob Ojevaar, CEO at Booleans B.V.

“VVU also helps us to create brand awareness and we desperately need that as a young company. Furthermore, we already built a nice network with other companies from the club that assist us in our daily operations. We are very pleased with this collaboration and therefore we resigned for season 2022-2023.”

Marije Gast, Commercial Director at VVU, is also very happy with this collaboration: “The long term partnership with Booleans makes it possible for us to take part in the premier league. I find it beautiful to see the parallel between this organization and our D1. Both are very passionate teams of only professionals who are at the beginning of a lot of growth. We hope that we experience this growth together to become top player in our market!”

For more information, please visit the VVU website: