Booleans has a real ‘Work Hard, Play Hard culture’. The atmosphere is fantastic. Everyone is involved and can contact each other, even with questions.

When did you start working at Booleans?

I started at Booleans on September 1, 2020, as a Principal Identity Solution Specialist.

Why did you choose to start working at Booleans?

I worked for both big and small companies, but I like best working for a small company. In general, you are not a number, but a person there, you know your colleagues and they know you and you are a person, not a process. I was the fifth person that started to work at Booleans, and I find it very interesting to experience the growth that the founders, Rob and Joost, have in mind. Also, I really enjoy thinking along and helping in a business sense in addition to my regular work.

What are your responsibilities at Booleans?

I assist customers with IAM solutions and the implementation of these in the broadest sense of the word. The customer often comes with a question and requirements and as a consultant I ask them counter questions and give them solid advice.

What are typical characteristics for Booleans and its team?

No bullshit. We are who we are. We are extremely honest, transparent, and realistic.

What keeps you here?

The fun, challenging and alternating assignments. I like to be challenged. I really enjoy working outside of my comfort zone on projects that are not standard, and these are exactly the projects that we get at Booleans. Nicely complex!

Also, Booleans has a great friendly work environment and there is a lot of laughter at the workplace. Social activities are also regularly organized. These are the advantages of a smaller company.

What would you like to tell job seekers who are considering working for Booleans?

After having gained years of work experience, the switch to Booleans was very valuable to me. Here, seniority is expected, and this is accompanied by being more in control over your own work and more freedom.