For me personally Booleans is the right fit. I manage my own processes and projects, work with a great team of specialists, can grow my skills and help clients from various industries with their digital security challenges.

When did you start working at Booleans?

I started just recently on April 8, 2022, as a Senior Security Specialist.

Why did you choose to start working at Booleans?

I already had the necessary experience in DevSecOps and I wanted to enhance these skills and take the opportunity to experience DevSecOps without any restrictions of systems, brands, tools and vendors. Booleans core business is digital security and DevSecOps is a very important part of this for the future. I like that the team is small, so we can be very flexible. Also, let me be honest, the working conditions they offered me were above global standards.

Furthermore, I am originally from Turkey, and I love to work abroad. I have chosen the Netherlands because of the good economy and nice culture.

What are your responsibilities at Booleans?

Launching new software is not a process anymore which takes months or even years with testing just before the release date. Nowadays, DevSecOps is an aspect that needs to become a natural part of the Development and Operations team as they need to work agile and fast. I am responsible for various clients to increase application security posture throughout their organizations, give them insight and provide a way to grow. My main goal is to embed security into each phase of their software development and operations processes.

What are typical characteristics for Booleans and its team?

The organization is structured and uses clear communication. You are responsible for your own processes and projects. Also, projects are shared and there is no hierarchy. Colleagues are very helpful, constructive, and friendly.

What keeps you here?

I am still very new to the organization, but Booleans offers you to be a manager of your own processes and projects. Also, you consult with colleagues instead of receiving commands. This is a very nice environment to work in.

What would you like to tell job seekers who are considering working for Booleans?

Booleans is a company in which you can enhance your skills and provides you with a wide range of opportunities. There are many different projects in various industries. Furthermore, Booleans strives to give you a good work/life balance. I also like that they organize quite a few social activities for colleagues and partners. At Booleans you can always find the right resources, experience new opportunities and conditions to flourish in your career.